Public Sector Solid Waste & Recycling

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Our governmental service programs are designed to maximize the effectiveness of collection activities in franchised, non-exclusive franchised, and open collection systems. Our services have resulted in our clients exceeding state regulatory programs while optimizing resources and reducing the operational cost of providing or contracting for services. We work collectively with your jurisdiction and your solid waste and recycling providers to develop systems that maximize resources and increase efficiencies and reduce harmful pollutants. Our services include waste audits, composition studies, feasibility studies, cost projections, savings analysis, and market analysis of recycling commodities as well as solid waste disposal fees. Through our Municipal Audit Program we have identified and collected outstanding revenue not previously realized by our clients, which has resulted them obtaining financial returns that would not have been otherwise realized.


Evaluating the performance of a solid waste provider is a necessary component of any solid waste and recycling program. Although they are most commonly referred to as "hauler audits", the term often has a negative connotation and leaves some solid waste and recycling providers defensive and unwilling to fully cooperate. At MCA Consultants we are cognizant of this fact and work directly with each hauler to ensure that confidentiality is protected and that their confidential information is not made available to the public or competitors. It is our policy to present the firm being audited with a company-specific confidentiality agreement which details all aspects of the audit and the extent to which confidentiality is maintained.


MCA Consultants provides our clients the highest quality services ranging from conceptual design and development to implementation and monitoring of services. Our staff of trained professionals are experts in public and private solid waste and recycling management; transfer station operations; materials recovery facilities; construction and demolition material collection, handling, and processing; entire public sector waste streams; and commercial developments ranging from simple to complex. We are experts in developing and implementing cost effective business assistance programs designed to enhance every level of your solid waste programmatic endeavors. Our services include but are not limited to complete waste stream analysis, load integrity studies, waste audits, and the comprehensive analysis of public and private solid waste streams and recyclable materials.


For many public and private entities, the utilization of a transfer station or materials recovery facility (MRF) has created questions and desires to explore this option further. MCA Consultants performs analysis of the types and quantities of materials brought to and processed at a specified transfer station or MRF and develops scenarios and detailed analysis based on the proportional quantities expected when compared to your existing waste stream and program endeavors. We also work directly with each facility and jurisdiction to expand the commodity mix available for processing at each location.


Designing organic material programs that provide our clients with effective material management starts with a complete understanding of their waste stream. MCA designs cost effective green waste and organic programs that provide lasting benefits to our clients and the communities in which we serve. We have designed complete large-scale closed loop systems where the processing of organic material is a main part of the program, as well as developed green waste, composting, and other organic training programs for public jurisdictions, private businesses, large scale developments, and local nonprofit organizations. Whatever your need, we have the experienced professionals to design, educate, and implement your organic-based programs.