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Solid waste & recycling

When it comes to solid waste and recycling programs, MCA is unmatched in our commitment to providing you with the best service possible. For more than 25 years, MCA Consultants has been providing solid waste and recycling services to all aspects of the solid waste industry. Our trained team of experts are skilled in providing our clients with the experience and expertise that you expect of industry leaders. At MCA Consultants, we listen to your every need and develop cost effective solid waste and recycling programs that consistently exceed industry standards and increase your bottom line.

Commercial and Industrial Recycling and Solid Waste Programs

MCA Consultants designs and implements solid waste and recycling programs for large companies and small businesses alike. Similar in scope to our governmental service programs, our services include waste audits, composition studies, feasibility studies, cost projections, savings analysis, and market analysis of recycling commodities and solid waste disposal fees.

To ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency of service, MCA develops and performs analysis of commercial and industrial waste streams. Not only are physical inspections of load integrity and operational endeavors conducted, but through the development and evaluation of bids and proposals for equipment and services we are able to ensure the right sizing of services designed to provide maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. MCA can also assist you in obtaining developmental permits and environmental compliance solutions for jurisdictional approval and monitor the development, construction, and implementation of the permit requirements.

Recycling and Solid Waste Business Assistance

MCA Consultants provides our clients the highest quality services ranging from conceptual design and development to implementation and monitoring of services. Our staff of trained professionals are experts in public and private solid waste and recycling management; transfer station operations; materials recovery facilities; construction and demolition material collection, handling, and processing; entire public sector waste streams; and commercial developments ranging from simple to complex.

We are experts in developing and implementing cost effective business assistance program designed to enhance every level of your solid waste programmatic endeavors. Our services include but are not limited to complete waste stream analysis, load integrity studies, waste audits, and the comprehensive analysis of public and private solid waste streams and recyclable materials.


Whether you are in the process of developing a new solid waste and/or recycling system or seeking to revise your existing systems, MCA Consultants can provide you with the experience and expertise required to ensure that all of your solid waste, recycling, and other utility-based programs are designed to provide you with the maximum benefit possible. Ranging from large and smaller scale residential and commercial systems and developments to entire municipal and county solid waste and recycling systems, MCA Consultants has designed, developed, and implemented solid waste, recycling, and utility-based programs designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of the strategic planning process.


Providing long-term solid waste and recycling savings goes far beyond the ability to simply adjust or recommend changes in current services. It is our philosophy that long-term savings are based on effectiveness of comprehensive programs developed in association with the operational parameters of your existing structure. It is our methodology to make certain that all solid waste and recycling diversion and reduction programs are designed to complement the current procurement and operational policies of your business.

Our programs will, in most cases, provide you with substantial cost savings as well as an increase in the efficiency of your solid waste and recycling operations. However, it is our goal to assist our clients in developing a long-term vision for waste reduction and providing them with a cost savings that will reach far into the future. We believe that commitment and trust are essential in the development of true working relationships. To demonstrate this, MCA has developed a contingency-based solid waste and recycling program to further assist you in the effective management of your solid waste and recycling operations. The waste audit program is one of our contingency-based programs that allow savings to be shared over a specified period of time.


As the management of the project should be designed to achieve the smooth transition towards the accomplishment of the project's goals, MCA has the professional resources and trained experts to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Whether it is staff assistance in routine task management, planning, and organization, or a combination of complex analysis and implementation of a desired grant, program, project, or task, let MCA provide you with the resources designed to assist your organization in achieving your project management responsibilities.

MCA offers a full range of project management services ranging from staff assistance to complete project management services. Our staff will not only provide you with the most comprehensive project management services, but we will help to educate your staff as together we progress through the management of your desired project, program, or grant. Equipped with a long history of successful project management, MCA and our affiliates bring to your organization the vast experience and hands-on management often required to be successful in today's complex public arena. Our ability to provide your organization with professional project, program, or grant management services is unmatched in the industry today.


MCA approaches grant administration as a collaborative effort, evaluating each unique situation, program, and client on an individual basis. Since rarely are two programs alike in every way, our methodology is designed to meet your individual needs and not a generic platform from which options are recommended or selected. Our staff of trained professionals and affiliates has more than 25 years of experience in federal, state, corporate, and nonprofit grant administration. Although our collective experience encompasses countless years of experience and a variety of grant-related programs, we have developed our administrative approach specifically to meet the desires of organizations in obtaining maximum funding for programmatic needs as well as community organizations. Our team of professional grant administrators will provide you with the most comprehensive administrative services available. Ranging in scope from staff support services to the complete administration of your programs, MCA has the knowledge and expertise to ensure 100% compliance and accountability of your grant-related programs and activities. This is accomplished through a combination of years of experience and collaborative team members who strive to guarantee your complete satisfaction and compliance with programmatic objectives and funding parameters.


With the changing technological advances available and the necessity of keeping up to date with changing legislative requirements, flexibility becomes a key factor in the successful awarding of grant funding. It is our philosophy to explore every alternative possible to ensure that the funding parameters meet the requirements of our clients. To assist in obtaining the maximum funding available, MCA offers a variety of technical assistance programs ranging from expert analysis and review of existing proposals; RFP/RFQ and bid documents; to the comprehensive analysis, design, review, and development of the same. Our approach to technical assistance is structured to allow MCA to work closely with your existing staff and/or organization to provide them with resources designed to enhance their current capabilities and knowledge while developing new strengths designed to reduce long-term dependency on outside resources.


Research and Development are among the most time consuming areas of grant administration and management. For many public jurisdictions, comprehensive research and development may be limited by either financial constraints placed upon your jurisdiction or limited time availability of key personnel. In either case, MCA may be able to assist you in accomplishing your desired outcome by providing you with a team of professionals designed to serve as your extended staff. When it comes to grantsmanship, our complete understanding of funding alternatives allows MCA to develop grant-related programs designed to meet the requirements of your organization. Working in association with your staff, all of our programs are designed to be turnkey programs, allowing you to continue the program development process at any time. MCA provides you with professional extended staff services that will assist you in developing enhanced programs that will provide lasting benefit to your organization and the public for which it serves.