Contract Administration & Management

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Contract Administration and Management

Contract administration assures that the end users are satisfied with the product or service being obtained under the contract and encompasses all dealings between your business and the contractor from the time the contract is awarded until the work has been completed and accepted or the contract terminated, payment has been made, and disputes have been resolved. At MCA Consultants, ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of contractual agreements is of the utmost importance.

Our professional staff of administrators work with your staff and your customers to ensure that all contract provisions are met with the utmost quality and the costs are controlled by developing clear, concise, performance-based statements of work, and preparing a contract administration plan that cost effectively measures the contract's performance and provides documentation for full programmatic analysis.

In today's environment, contracts are becoming increasingly complex, the parameters of which can be an all-consuming effort for your business. Our staff works with your business to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the contracting process which is critical to long-term success and can give you an advantage regardless of your affiliation to the contractual agreement.

In addition to the implementation of contractual agreements, our contract administration process identifies vital issues from the manager's perspective, highlighting key roles and responsibilities to give you and your staff greater influence over how work is performed.


As the management of the project should be designed to achieve the smooth transition towards the accomplishment of the project's goals, MCA has the professional resources and trained experts to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Whether it is staff assistance in routine task management, planning, and organization, or a combination of complex analysis and implementation of a desired grant, program, project, or task, let MCA provide you with the resources designed to assist your organization in achieving your project management responsibilities.

MCA offers a full range of project management services ranging from staff assistance to complete project management services. Our staff will not only provide you with the most comprehensive project management services, but we will help to educate your staff as together we progress through the management of your desired project, program, or grant. Equipped with a long history of successful project management, MCA and our affiliates bring to your organization the vast experience and hands-on management often required to be successful in today's complex public arena. Our ability to provide your organization with professional project, program, or grant management services is unmatched in the industry today.


MCA approaches grant administration as a collaborative effort, evaluating each unique situation, program, and client on an individual basis. Since rarely are two programs alike in every way, our methodology is designed to meet your individual needs and not a generic platform from which options are recommended or selected. Our staff of trained professionals and affiliates has more than 25 years of experience in federal, state, corporate, and nonprofit grant administration. Although our collective experience encompasses countless years of experience and a variety of grant-related programs, we have developed our administrative approach specifically to meet the desires of organizations in obtaining maximum funding for programmatic needs as well as community organizations. Our team of professional grant administrators will provide you with the most comprehensive administrative services available. Ranging in scope from staff support services to the complete administration of your programs, MCA has the knowledge and expertise to ensure 100% compliance and accountability of your grant-related programs and activities. This is accomplished through a combination of years of experience and collaborative team members who strive to guarantee your complete satisfaction and compliance with programmatic objectives and funding parameters.

Full Cost Management

Understanding the true costs associated with solid waste collection and programmatic services are an essential component to cost effective implementation of collection services. Understanding each provider's actual cost and management structure sets forth the foundation for understanding full cost of the services or program being provided.

MCA Consultants perform a comprehensive financial analysis by implementing, in part, a Full Cost Accounting Program (FCAP) which analyzes of each program or service being offered, the purpose of which is to provide our clients with a better understanding of the costs associated with the programs being implemented.

Providing our clients with the most current and up-to-date financial analysis and cost structure is essential to the management of their solid waste and recycling programs. That is why we work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure their complete understanding of the systematic process to aide in their recovery of their programmatic costs.